Arsenal Nepal: The Official Fan Club of Arsenal FC in 2012

The was an earlier website created for the Arsenal Supporters Club Nepal. Once a new site was built (after 2012) the domain registration for this site was allowed to expire and disappeared from the web. The Arsenal Nepal's new website can be found at: Since they screen almost every Arsenal game at different locations in Kathmandu, go to the new website to learn more. They have even formed a football club allowing members to participate in various tournaments. Arsenal Nepal is also involved in local fund raising and other several charities. Don't miss out on what's happening.

I noticed recently that fans of football tend to be fans of other activities as well. Among my close-knit group of expats from the US, many of us share more than just a love for the sport. While some of us previously indulged in online games, a growing number have been diving into home improvement projects. Specifically, the allure of creating backyard paradises has gained traction, with being the preferred choice for above-ground pools. Their offerings transform any outdoor space into a haven, akin to the rejuvenation we feel when our favorite team scores a goal. Our collective passion for football once led us to a site named, a dedicated platform for Arsenal enthusiasts. To our dismay, the site went offline. In discovering that its domain had expired, and being a HUGE Arsenal aficionado, I felt compelled to purchase it. My intention was to resurrect some of its cherished content from archived pages and guide visitors to Arsenal's official home: I believed it was essential to keep the Arsenal Nepal fan club's legacy alive and prevent the domain from being repurposed in a manner that didn't resonate with its original spirit. In essence, whether it's enhancing our homes with the serenity of a pool or uniting under the banner of a beloved football club, our diverse interests intersect, enriching our lives in unexpected ways.

If you are just discovered Arsenal Nepal and ended up here go to their new website. Otherwise, enjoy a nostalgic trip back to 2012 when this was the Arsenal Nepal's website.

Welcome to Arsenal Nepal!

NAMASKAR ! Welcome to Nepal’s one and only website of a European club’s fan club in Nepal.We are known by the name of “Arsenal Nepal” and are the official fan club of Arsenal FC recognised by Arsenal London. We currently operate on Facebook, Twitter. We do a lot of activities such as match screenings, social events. Arsenal ...

About Us

Arsenal Supporters Club Nepal shortly known as “Arsenal Nepal” is the biggest fan base of Arsenal FC, London, here in Nepal. The origin of the fan club goes back to the year 2009 when a young arsenal fan Mr Jaysal Thapaliya had the idea of forming a group that would unite arsenal fans from Nepal. The basic idea then was to meet at a common place and watch the games together and interact about news and information related to Arsenal FC.


2012 POSTS


Arsenal : from a Modern Super Club, to a Modern Selling Club

Published by: Shashwat | Uncategorized | August 21st, 2012

I read a book a year back, it was called “Arsenal: The making of a Modern Super Club by Alex Fynn”. It highlighted how we were going in the right direction. How we would be a super club in some years time. We had the stadium, we had the fan base, we had the manager, and we even had the players,but becoming a super club is not a child’s play. For all I care we’ve become a modern ‘Selling Club’ since we’ve sold 2 settled players this year, RVP who was our messiah and Song well he was RVP’s provider. If the former left the latter had no choice but to leave as all he did was put balls in RVP’s path and forgot he had to defend. I think Barcelona have been Wenger’d again! RVP on the other hand is a massive loss that too to a rival. It’s bad business done by Arsenal selling him to united. Imagine this team with a good solid DM and RVP. Damn if only we could turn back time. We actually had a decent team in the making but for Wenger’s stubbornness not to buy quality players, Cesc and Nasri left and now RVP’s gone. Not that Wenger’s not tried but well at this level he needs to try harder. All our rivals have gotten stronger but all we’re doing is selling our best player to a rival. How the hell do you justify that?

Most of us here think had Dein stayed we would not have been in this situation but what you guys don’t know is he wanted Arsenal to play in the new Wembley. He was in line to becoming the president of the FA (which never happened thank god for that) and all he cared was for himself. Yes he was bloody good at what he did but he was one selfish clown. Wenger on the other hand loves Dein and nearly left Arsenal after he was axed by the board. And now his son Darren Dein is taking revenge for his dad’s dismissal and selling all our top players to our rivals.

So I hear people say we’ll win the league. Really guys? With this squad? With that defence? With 2 new strikers who’ve yet to prove themselves in England? Well don’t get all emotional when we end up with nothing at the end of the season. I’d love Arsenal to win a trophy but I don’t see it happening. We’ve got an awesome player in Cazorla but that’s about it. Team will take time to gel. Even if we get 2-3 players it’ll take time. Top 4 at most is what I think we’ll end up with this season. So if you think we’ll “win the league” then please don’t be heartbroken at the end of the season.

Loyalty in football is dead. Nowadays it’s all about the money. And instead of filling our top players with money we’re filling board members with money. That is why we’ve become a selling club. Every year we sell our top players. And why do they leave? Because they are hungry for success, glory, trophies and money. A footballer’s career doesn’t last for an eternity. He only has X number of years to fulfil his goals and yea his back account. Look at Nasri; we sledged him by calling him a benched player but look at him now. He is quality. He’s grown. He is no longer a bench player he must be the 3rd or 4th player on Mancini’s team sheet. We’ll do the same with RVP well even I will that’s human nature but we need to accept the fact that it’s the club’s mistake that we’ve been selling players. The player will choose what’s best for him. Because in the end there is no strings attached.


WBA vs. Arsenal  (pre match thread)

Published by: Sagun |May 11th, 2012

The 2011-2012 season ends this Sunday.  It’s ever so tight up top and down in the bottom. We were given a life line last week when Sp*rs drew and Newcastle and Chelsea lost. Now we decide our own fate.  For Manchester United and Manchester City, the last round is stil season.

But for West Brom, this last game is of little importance. They are in solid 10th place. And Roy leaving can have a dual effect. But this game is more important for us as the fight for the fourth spot in the Premier League is still fierce. We are third right now but only two points ahead of fifth-place Newcastle United.

A lot must happen for us to lose this comfortable advantage, but in football anything is possible. Tottenham, who play at home, must beat Fulham; Newcastle must win the match against Everton and we must lose to West Brom(which must never happen #Sagun).

Naturally, we will do our best to avoid such a turnout of events.

Our last win was a month ago against Wolverhampton. The Gunners won away 3-0.  They have won two of their last five games, losing at home to Wigan. We have had our ups and downs during this season with varying results but have managed to stay afloat, drawing against remodelled Chelsea on April 21.

West Brom have been pretty inconsistent winning three of their last five games, occasionally beating teams from the upper half of the table.

The last time both of us met was on Nov. 5, 2011—an unimpressive game for the Baggies as they did practically nothing to stop us from walking away with the three points. Arsenal won 3-0 at the Emirates Stadium with Robin van Persie, Thomas Vermaelen and Mikel Arteta scoring.

The last time we played West Brom at the Hawthorns was a little more interesting. The Baggies had a comfortable 2-0 lead only to lose it in the second half. In a window of eight minutes, they let Andrey Arshavin and Robin van Persie score to finish the match at 2-2. That game was not representative of the level of play, though. Arsenal had 63-percent possession of the ball and 11 shots on goal compared to three for West Brom.


Supporters Club End of Season Trophy 2012

Published by: Shashwat | News/Notice (UK) | May 8th, 2012

For the 2nd year running Arsenal Nepal Supporters Club participated in the “Arsenal Supporters Club End of Season Trophy 2012”

The players who represented Arsenal Nepal were as follows- Shashwat Pant, Surag Khadka, Avash Narsingh Rana, Niranjan Baral, Niraj Gurung, Biyondi Thapa and Santosh Karki.

>As per the tournament rules, of the 7 squad members, 2 had to be over 35s. And we had Niraj Gurung and Santosh Karki as our over 35s. There were 8 groups of 4 playing within a league format, with the winner of each group going through to a Quarter Final. If the group ended with teams on the same points, goal difference would be the first deciding factor. If that was the same then goals scored will come into account. In the event of the previous two rules still being the same then the result against each other will decide. It was a 5 a side tournament with roll on roll off substitute at the discretion of the referee. All games were 8 minutes in duration.

Our group consisted Supporters Clubs from Nepal, Manchester, West Sussex and Fermanagh.

After the victory vs. West Sussex

Our 1st match was against West Sussex. The players who started the game were Shashwat (GK), Niraj (D), Santosh (D), Niranjan (M) and Biyondi (S), with Surag and Avash on the bench. We made a nervy start as a long range effort from West Sussex hit the bar. But after that it was all us as they did not have a clear cut chance after that. When Niranjan fed Biyondi on the left and he finished it from a tight angle to make it 1-0 in our favour. Again Biyondi got the ball in the left side and finished it superbly to make it 2-0. In a game lasting 8 minutes it was game over by then. We also go a free kick which Biyondi finished it beautifully but was ruled out as it was supposed to be an indirect free kick. And with that we ended the game 2-0 brimming with confidence all pumped up.

2nd game was against Fermanagh. The players who started the game were: Shashwat (GK), Niraj (D), Surag (D), Santosh (M) and Biyondi (S). This was our worst game yesterday. Nothing went right. Conceded 3 stupid goals as a result we lost 3-0 and that meant we had to win the last game vs. Manchester to go through the next round as they had won 1 and drawn 1. With the last game of the group to go the table read Manchester 4, Fermanagh 4, Nepal 3 and West Sussex 3. Manchester and Nepal had a game in hand. It was do or die for us.

3rd and final game was against Manchester. They were thefavourites along with Scotland (defending champs) to win the tournament. We made sure we gave everything. Santosh (GK), Niraj (D), Avash (D) Niranjan (M) and Biyondi (S) started the game. It was end to end stuff, Santosh made 2-3 great saves which kept us in the game. And then we broke the deadlock with a counter attack. Niranjan and Biyondi linked up again and the later scored .Me, Surag and Jyotibikram went mental in the sidelines. At 1-0 all we needed to do was hold our lead. They attacked continuously but we defended strongly and hit them on the counter once again as Biyondi took on 3 players, which meant Avash was unmarked and Biyondi fed the ball to him and Avash’s shot was agonisingly high. Had that gone in at 2-0 there was no chance of a comeback. But nearing the end Manchester got a penalty which I don’t agree was and equalised. Game end 1-1 and they went to the quarter-finals at our expense.

We were disappointed but we were proud of what we had achieved. Last year we were dreadful but this year we regained our pride. The Manchester boys congratulated us on our efforts and gave us a small token of appreciation as well. We wished them well for the remaining tournament and left the pitch to get changed in the Away dressing room.

We then went to the Highbury Suit passing through the director’s box. The players and the managers we given Lunch and Drink vouchers. As we just finished our lunch Legend Charlie George appeared.  He was there to give us our certificate of participation. The team clicked pictures with him and he handed manager Jyotibikram the certificates and then we left the Emirates Stadium. The winners of the Arsenal Supporters Club End of Season Trophy 2012, SOUTH ITALY beat MANCHESTER 5-4 on penalties..